40k Season 2 - Minisode 2 List Building with Tony Chew

December 24, 2017

Another Minisode for you over the holiday season. Matt Robertson talks to prominent UK Space Marine player and ETC Team England stalwart Tony Chew about putting together an effective list in 8th edition competitive meta. The conversation also covers Chapter Approved and the recent FAQ timeline and Beta Rules announcements, so check this out whilst driving down to family and friends this holidays!


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40k Season 2 - Minisode 2 40k in Finland at Triad III

December 20, 2017

Another minisode for you as Matt Robertson talks to Joonas Neva about the recent Triad III tournament held in November at the War Head Fight Club in Finland!


He talks about his Eldar tournament list and the Finnish 40k scene. 


You can watch the video archive of the final here: https://www.twitch.tv/gowarhead/videos/all


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40k Season 2 - Episode 14 Eldar Codex

December 12, 2017

Hello! Brand new episode for you here as we return to our full length format!

Matt Robertson takes a very considered and battle tested look at the Eldar Codex several weeks after it's release. Already making a big impact on the competitive scene, the Eldar book is certainly in the argument for strongest faction right now.

Listen to this episode to find out why! With Gaz Jones, Andy 'Hodor' Oakham and a brief cameo from James Ramsey.

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40k Season 2 - Minisode 1 Command Points

December 4, 2017

Matt Robertson and Simon Weakley discuss how important it is to built your list around maximising Command Points in the current meta.


A shorter, bite size episode to compliment our longer form full length episodes. We will be picking out topics like this and discussing them in short half hour minisodes in the future. As always fel free to suggest topics or leave feedback with us:


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40k Season 2 - Episode 13 Chaos Space Marines with Nick Nanavati

November 28, 2017

This episode Matt Robertson jumps on a call with one of the best players in the world, Nick Nanavati. They shared their love of Chaos and walked through the Chaos Space Marines Codex highlighting the best and worst, plus what combos and strategems work best together.


Check this latest episode out now!


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40k Season 2 - Episode 12 Northern Warlords Trios

November 16, 2017

A smaller sized episode for you this time round as Matt Robertson speaks with Gaz Jones and Matt Edmonds about their experience at the recent Northern Warlords Trios event!


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40k Season 2 - Episode 11 Imperial Guard post FAQ

November 6, 2017

This episode Matt guides Jesse, Chuckie and Hodor on a journey through the trenches of the Imperial Guard.... where have all the conscripts gone?

Editor's note: For some reason there were a number of audio issues with this recording which we have worked on to salvage as best as possible. You will experience short periods of slight echo in parts ofr this podcast. Your ears are working fine.


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40k Season 2 - Episode 10 Zach Becker London GT Preview

October 4, 2017

Logan spoke with Zach Becker of the London GT about their plans for 2018, how 40k is developing from a TO standpoint and what it was like working with Games Workshop.


Look out for tickets on sale November 1st, for more information https://www.lgtpresents.co.uk/


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40k Season 2 - Episode 9 Death Guard Codex Early Chat

September 16, 2017

It's the middle of the night! Logan and Jesse are up and they are talking about the new Codex Death Guard they have in their hands!


A couple hours of informal discussion about the earliest impressions and hot takes on the latest Codex to release. New units, new strategems, new relics..... does it work as a standalone army? Is it just more ingredients for the Chaos soup? Let's dig in and find out!


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40k Season 2 - Episode 8 Andrew Gonyo Nova 2017 Champion

September 7, 2017

We spoke to the Nova 2017 double champion Andrew Gonyo about the incredible feat of winning 13 games over 3 days and claiming both the Open and Invitational crowd with his diverse Imperial Guard list!

This podcast was recorded late at night UK time which means Logan is pretty quiet on the mic hosting. We hope you can enjoy the great insight from Andrew regardless!

You can find the Invitational brackets we speak about online here: http://challonge.com/NOVAInvitational

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