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40k Season 2 - Episode 21 London GT 2018 with organiser Zach Becker

May 22, 2018

Logan spoke exclusively to the main event organiser of the London GT, Zach Becker about this year's event.

There were a lot of criticisms online during and after the tournament, many valid and some exaggerated. We spoke directly to the man responsible about his aims and goals, where he feels he fell short and what his intentions are going forward. A very honest and frank interview in which Zach talks us through his shortcomings and the difficulties of trying to host the biggest competitive gaming event this country has seen.


We want events like this to be a success so it was important to hear directly from the man himself about the scale and scope of undertaking an event of this size having grown in such a short space of time. We hope you enjoy this discussion...


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